I give thanks to the miles & miles of light flowing so lovingly over our world as we wake to the light of day! To the warm light provided by our Grandfather Sun. Blessings to you all as you gather in solitude or with others to feel thankful. I invite you to continue your day of “I am thankful for” throughout your daily lives. Living in this gratitude is healing individually & collectively! Namaste loves! Cait-

P.S. very sleepy chamomile 



Spiritual Journey Entry

Today and everyday is a ceremony! Each ceremony of self is a part of our spiritual journey to wholeness! We took a beautiful drive up to Santa Fe. Today’s adventure included the spiritual resource shop called The Arc book store, then lunch at Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen, a lovely walk on the plaza looking at shops and old churches, followed by hot chocolate & warm crepes with Nutella & strawberries! Then we took a quick stroll on canyon road admiring all the world treasures in the shop Santa Kilim. We also squeezed in some nature admiring the moon and earth vibes of Santa Fe! Thanks for following this beautiful journey & I hope that you feel inspired to adventure to some of these magical places!

Love Cait-

September @Tribal Haus

Mark your calendar for all the September Fun here at Tribal Haus! Be on the look out for FB events to sign up and get more details for all these beautiful offerings.

*9/1 Saturday 12-5 Indigo blue tie dye & potluck for cait

*9/8 Saturday 12-3 private party rainbow tie dye! Invites going out soon

*9/8 6-8 Saturday women & Girls Divine Moon(Red Tent ceremony) & Potluck with melody

*9/9 Sunday 7-10 Shakti Embodied Mystery School with Kaylin(class us full)

*9/10 Monday 6:30-8:30 Co-ed Drum & belly dance Jam with Maria

*9/14 Friday 7-9:30 Shakti Ecstastic dance night with Kaylin

*9/16 Sunday 1:30-3:30 Women’s Grief Support group, meditation & yoga with Yolanda

*9/16 Sunday 5-8pm NM Canna Moms gathering & potluck

*9/17 Monday 6:30-8:30pm Shaman School with Michaela

*9/24 Monday @11 Mommy & Me Yoga. All levels with melody

*9/25 Tuesday @11 Crystal Therapy Yoga. All levels with Melody

*9/25 Tuesday @2 Serene Mommy Yoga(pre-natal & post-partum). All levels with Melody

*9/26 Wednesday@11 Mommy & Me Yoga. All levels with melody

*9/26 Wednesday @2pm - Heart centered trauma with Melody

*9/26 Wednesday @ 6pm - Gentle beginners all level yoga with melody

*9/27 Thursday @2pm - Serene Mommy Yoga(pre-natal & post-partum). All levels with Melody

*9/28 Friday 6-10:30 Women’s Drum circle hosted By Tribal Haus

*9/30 Sunday 2-4pm Shaman School with Michaela


Tribal Haus Ceremony Lodge

In love

If you are working with love then it is the right thing. If you are working with anger, envy & resentment then you must check your intentions & start all over. True healing takes place with in you & those who may find their way across your path when working in love & in light! Have a beautiful & blessed day!🙏🏽Cait-



August Calendar of Events

 *Monday 6th Belly Dance rehearsal(class is full & temporary) facilitator:Maria

*Thursday 9th Woman’s Grief Support Group. Facilitator: Yolanda

*Friday 10th- Divine Moon Circle(formally red tent) 6-8pm Facilitator: Cait

*Sat/Sun 11th-12th Grandmother ceremony  6pm-10am. Location to be determined. Facilitator: Courtney

*Saturday 11th New Moon mystery school every new moon through December. (Class is full) 7-10pm Facilitator: Kaylin

*Monday 13th Belly Dance rehearsal(class is full & temporary) facilitator:Maria

*Friday 17th Shakti Embodied & Ecstatic dance. 7-9:30 Facilitator: Kaylin

*Sunday 19th NM canna moms & family gathering & potluck 4-8pm. Facilitator:Melody

*Monday 20th Belly Dance rehearsal(class is full & temporary) facilitator:Maria

*Friday 24th Community women’s drum circle & Potluck. 6-10pm



Grandfather Sun! Sacred light, we give our humble gratitude for your warmth and energy to help us grow with your guiding light. We acknowled...ge the brilliant rays of shimmering light as you rise in the east and set in the west. You continue to paint the skies to remind us of your warm loving energy and for that we are forever thankful. IYAY Love Cait-